Ramon Camps Gallart

Associate and compliance officer

Born in Andorra in 1968, he is a senior banker with 28 years of experience. He developped his professional career at Crèdit Andorrà, starting at the Central Services and financial division, where he developed several tasks as the control of correspondent banks and Swift. Later he moved to the Retail division, where he successfully undertook different roles, before joining the team of Private banking in 2001.

As a Private banker, the 12 years passed at the Private Banking Branch in Escaldes lead him to manage an important portfolio of clients, as well as to become administrative coordinator of the branch. Since 2013 until he joined Alkimia Capital, he was in Nous Negoci’s, combining an important portfolio with the responsibility of coordinating and supervising the team.

His training is essentially financial: he is a European Financial Counselor (EFA) by the EPFA, he also has a PSP Diploma by The Institute of Financial Studies and he is specialized in Financial Operations Taxation by Deloitte.

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