Why do we create a Family Office?

Alkimia Capital collates a team of professionals from the financial sector that does have a wide experience in Private banking, Investment Banking and Financial Markets. They have decided to place their knowledge at the service of our individual clients and families, with different objectives:

Advice on the controlling and managing of structures that cover the family wealth complexities’ and particularities’.

Guarantee the best adequacy in between the different banking and financial suppliers and the family.

Centralize and professionalize different roles in the wealth management in order to obtain higher yield or lower risk in every investment decision. 

Consolidate risk, conduct a follow-up of performance and establish financial statements to optimize investment decisions and lead to an effective monitoring by the family.

Coordinate other professional services (meaning tax planning or other corporate service) selecting all suppliers and being the sole interlocutor.

Advise independently and professionally in order to protect and increase global wealth (finance, real estate, business…)

​Help selecting banking suppliers, with the guarantee of a proper negotiation of the conditions and an effective administrative control.

Using diversification as a dogma: geographical diversification, diversification of the asset banks and suppliers.