Discretionary management

It is a service model for those clients who wish to delegate the management of their assets to a team of expert professionals.

The delegation of management allows to adapt the investment strategy to the changes without losing sight of the objectives marked.

Discretionary management has important advantages:

Expert managers with experience in capital markets (equities and fixed-income, emerging currencies, absolute return strategies, dynamic strategies and other alternative investments).

Optimum selection of investment vehicles (investment funds or securities) and agility when taking decisions.

Contracted Tools for advanced and efficient management.

Rigorous diversification policy.

Dynamic risk budget management according to the levels of maximum risk and profitability objectives defined previously.

Making the best decisions with a permanent monitoring of the markets to make the most appropriate investment decisions.

Own independent management philosophy, with long-term investment strategies, which differentiates us from other entities and allows us to provide value and profitability without renouncing the principle of capital preservation.

Transparency: Detailed information about our management, the evolution of your portfolio, sectoral and geographical distribution, etc.