Wealth advice

Advising the families on their whole wealth (financial assets, real estate, and real economy businesses) with a global vision of the family assets, providing assistance from the setting up of the investment till the follow up and the monitoring of banking suppliers.

Investment strategy:
we analyze the risk appetite and family investment horizon, we study the present financial situation, financial future needs and goals and we build a consequent investment strategy with mid and long term targets.

Financial advice and asset allocation:
once the strategy is defined, depending on family’s needs and targets, we propose an asset allocation (fixed income, equity, monetary market, alternative investments) that we review regularly. Then, we select diversified assets (by sector and geographically) that we submit to our clients as investment recommendations.

Bank account consolidation:
we are in charge of grouping together the entire financial information from the different banking entities where the families work, designing a unique reporting that consolidates the different statements and offers a synthetic but global image of all assets. We can also help our clients to choose bank suppliers, to negotiate the conditions and to conduct the administrative follow up of the several bank accounts.

Commercial and residential Real Estate and business opportunities:
we study and analyze investment opportunities in private companies as well as in real estate, advising on direct asset acquisitions.

Family agreements:
we support our clients in reflecting on the family’s different member’s participation in the business or family asset management.

Company continuity:
we analyze the selling opportunities, the continuity or handing over to the next generation of the family’s business activities.