What’s a Family Office?

The wealthiest people are smart, demanding and frugal. They seek the best in life that money can buy and expect privacy and personal attention.

The more success people attain, the more complicated life usually becomes. However, their main goals remain simple: keeping their good health and protecting their financial security and peace of mind. And their problems are common too: their kids get into trouble; their parents get ill and they too sometimes have marital problems.

When it comes to their money, many wealthiest families neither trust nor rely on agents of banks, brokerage firms or insurance companies. They know well the difference and the value between recommendations from salespeople from financial entities and truly professional, objective and personal advice. It’s impossible for an investment advisor to provide completely objective investment advice if his compensation varies, greatly, on the types of investments that he recommends. It is impossible for an advisor to be completely objective if he is paid to sell products to his clients. Big financial institutions, with hundreds of thousands of customers and thousands of employees must design products and services based on what most of their customers will buy, not the wants and needs of any specific individual.

Those families use the products of large financial institutions. However, when it comes to their most important business, financial and family matters, they demand the best products and a level of service and accountability that can only come from private family offices.

A family office can provide exceptional and objective professional advice and complete dedication to the needs and wants of a reduced number of families. It is the loyalty, professionalism and personal attention family offices provide which attracts the wisest and wealthiest families. Professionals in family offices don’t sell products to their clients. You wouldn’t expect a lawyer, doctor or priest to sell you products; they represent you and no one else and are paid by you and no one else.

Alkimia Capital is an Andorran based family office which objective is assisting you with all your needs, whether those needs are business, professional or very sensitive and private family matters.

From the financial perspective, we give you the choice of receiving 3 different types of service:

discretionary asset management: we take complete discretion of your investment decisions, based on your financial goals & objectives and on your risk profile.

investment advisory: we identify, evaluate and monitor your investments, searching for and selecting the most qualified, reliable and risk-averse investment management firms. The objective is to maximize the benefits you may attain by shopping for the very best services available, always based on your financial goals & objectives and on your risk profile.

Investment control & supervision: we monitor your other investment advisors (as a watchdog that oversees other financial firms).

When it comes to business, professional and private matters, we can cater for most of the needs of wealthy families by adapting to your specific requirements. This can be done internally when we have the capabilities to do so, or using third parties, in which case we select the most suitable professionals and monitor them.